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The customers of RESERVED were very surprised because of the brand’s cooperation with one of the most talented and most extraordinary designers on the Polish fashion market, Gosia Baczyńska, who created a unique collection for the 2008 autumn season for RESERVED.

The collection "Gosia Baczyńska for RESERVED" is inspired by the 1920s and 1930s, the Art Déco style, and the minimalist aesthetics of the period. It revives the climate of evening exaltation, carnival crazines, and the elegant and decadent parties of the Paris Boheme. It puts forth a self-confident woman, confident of her charm and power…

Gosia Baczyńska designed 40 pieces, which were available for sale, and 15 additional designs, which could be admired during the fashion show in the brand’s showroom on Marszalkowska Street.  The artist chose fabrics not previously used in RESERVED, silky muslin and accessories, and Swarovski crystal buttons.  All of these are directly associated with great fashion and luxury.  The collection included the shades of gold, steel, black, silver, white, cream, and ivory.

“I accepted the invitation from RESERVED believing that together we can offer thousands of women something that was previously only available for a few (…). I hope that RESERVED will gain a new throng of fans as the collection includes a dozen or so really chic designs.  I am also glad that, because of our cooperation, women will be able to find clothes designed by Gosia Baczynska in stores at really low price, and for the first time!” explained Gosia Baczynska for the reasons behind her cooperation with RESERVED.
The collection has been available since December 2008 in the 22 biggest showrooms all over Poland and selected showrooms in 8 European countries (Russia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, and Romania).