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LPP has already provided 100,000 protective masks

LPP has already donated 100,000 protective masks as part of its support action for hospitals. The first batch went to 40 health care centres. The...


Members of the Management Board of LPP resign from remuneration until further notice

In view of the current economic situation and the effects of the crisis which are difficult to assess, the LPP Management Board members have reduced...


LPP helped China now China reciprocates the help in fighting against the coronavirus

The information published by Newsweek is false. LPP has decided to sue the publisher of the weekly. Solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus is...


Statement of LPP concerning the article on Newsweek.pl

To whom it may concern, as regards the article https://www.newsweek.pl/polska/spoleczenstwo/koronawirus/y3sbpy9 by Wojciech Cieśla published by Newsweek we hereby represent that its content is untrue and...


LPP supports the fight against coronavirus

LPP will provide isolation hospitals with face masks worth PLN 1 million – the first batch of 3300 pieces has already been delivered to the...


Polish companies in the face of crisis establish the Association of Polish Trade and Services Employers

Entrepreneurs, driven by the sense of utmost responsibility and fully aware of the catastrophic consequences of the crisis caused by SARS-CoV-2 epidemic outbreak and spreading,...