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Athleisure Reserved x Kubota


Athleisure Reserved x Kubota – reminiscing the 1990s.

Reserved and Kubota join forces! For spring 2022, they present a joint, unique collection that evokes nostalgic memories of the 1990s, when both brands were launched.

The starting point? The most iconic model of sliders, of course, with a wide Velcro strap with trimming, adorned with a distinctive logo in two colour versions: pink-orange and turquoise-yellow with Let’s Play slogan to the insole. The collection includes oversize t-shirts, sweatpants sets, a sleeveless vest with a stand-up collar, a baseball cap, and socks. The colour palette comprises sweet, juicy shades of bubble gum, highlighters or school pencil cases with a scent of novelty, typical of the nineties. The “Let’s Play” slogan refers to backyard games such as playing hopscotch or jump rope. The logo on the tracksuits is made with a special print technique, which gives an interesting three-dimensional effect.

The entire Athleisure collection reflects the style of the teenagers in the nineties, when combinations such as a large sweatshirt and short leggings or a t-shirt and leggings were the usual style, especially during backyard games. It also offers more feminine cuts, such as pleated skirts or bodysuits with high cut-outs – perfect for practising callanetics, so popular at the time. There are two original patterns: floral and geometric ones. The former is available in two scales – mini and maxi. The mini one includes bodysuits, leggings and tops, while the other one tracksuits, a skirt, a dress or a hooded parka jacket. The second pattern is inspired by chalk drawings on asphalt. The collection is completed with turquoise styles in very shiny lycra: a skater dress with a back neckline, a two-piece set that can be layered but is also perfect as a swimming costume, and a bodysuit with asymmetrical cut-outs. To top it all there are the outer garments: the aforementioned patterned parka, a voluminous quilted vest with a wavy pattern and a crushed yellow jacket, reminiscent of the so-called rustle tracksuits popular in the 1990s. Although the collection strongly harks back to the past and the times of childhood, the styles have been designed to emphasise the feminine figure. This is a nod to the “kidult” phenomenon, i.e. adults taking inspiration from the world of children, but without the risk of infantilising the overall style.

– I see the Kidult trend as an opportunity not only to intensely feel and appreciate the good things of the past, but it can be a great diagnostic of the future. Without a conscious nostalgia that builds an inner foundation, it is difficult to enjoy the future. And this is probably what gets us going the most – the joy of tomorrow and the anticipation of all the cool things that are to come – says Iwona Dąbrowska, Kubota Collection Director.

The accessories perfectly reflect the casual, sporty character – a transparent sun visor, a terry armband with terry wristbands, socks in a thicker or thinner version – transparent with contrasting, colourful stripes. According to Iwona Dąbrowska, nostalgia is not a temporary trend, it is even highlighted in the brand motto: “Kubota is not slides, it’s a lifestyle”. – The key to creating the collection was the specific mood. Yellow, blue, mint and pink are associated with the beginning of warm months, longer days, flowers in bloom or return to the playground, but… they are also the intense colours of freshly painted blocks of flats, where everyone spend their time falling in love, playing and where time stretched in the greatest way possible. To all that, we added a lot of positive vibes and needs of the current times – and voilà. No one asked for it, but everyone needed such a nostalgic-futuristic journey – she adds.

The clothes from the Reserved Athleisure collection meet the assumptions of #EcoAware, and are sewn mainly from organic cotton and recycled polyester. Organic cotton has a much lower environmental impact than conventional cotton. It is grown in a way that helps preserve soil fertility and protect biodiversity. No genetically modified seeds are used and the crop is harvested according to its natural cycle, without growth stimulation or artificial acceleration. Recycled polyester is a synthetic fibre produced from PET plastic bottles as well as from post-consumer raw materials. Selected plastics are cleaned, shredded and processed into new fabrics. In this way, it is possible to obtain material of equally high quality as in the conventional manufacturing process. By recycling, we recover materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The collection was photographed by Karolina Wilczyńska. The shots perfectly reflect the nostalgic atmosphere of those years. At the same time, the looks styled by Kasia Mioduska emphasize the feminine character of the designs.

Reserved x Kubota is available for sale online and in selected physical stores from 25 March 2022.


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