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LPP S.A. Press room Decision to close Tallinder brand

Decision to close Tallinder brand


On September 6, the Management Board of LPP decided to abandon the development of Tallinder brand. The decision is motivated by the sales results generated by Tallinder stores which are far below expectations. The priority of the company is currently to improve the market position of Reserved brand. The majority of the activities of the Management Board and teams managing various divisions of the brand are focused on improving the sales performance of the flagship brand of LPP. In the opinion of the Management Board, the current financial condition of the company does not allow to bear the high costs associated with the development of Tallinder brand in the long term.

Tallinder stores opened in eight cities and its online shop will operate by February next year, which is until the end of the sale of the autumn-winter 2017 collection. Most of LPP headquarters staff involved in the development of  Tallinder brand were offered to stay in the company. Also talks with the employees of the stores who will be invited to join the teams at the stores of other brands belonging to the company will be held.