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LPP S.A. Press room Georgia and Lizzy Jagger together with Jerry Hall in the latest Reserved campaign

Georgia and Lizzy Jagger together with Jerry Hall in the latest Reserved campaign

Reserved is the first brand in the world that has managed to engage all three models in cooperation at the same time. Jerry Hall and her daughters will promote the spring collection in a joint photographic session which is taking place in Los Angeles.   The exclusive campaign is being carried out in an atmosphere bubbling with style and female energy.   The session’s scenery is an example of modernist American architecture of the second half of the 20th century. This background superbly matches the collection’s character, in which there are many accents of the 70s. The presence of Jerry Hall, who has the status of a fashion icon of that decade, further enhances the stylistic associations with the esthetics of the 70s. Meanwhile, the young Jagger sisters will surely bring a breath of fashion freshness to the project.   Therefore, we can count on an interesting stylistic effect, in which classics combine with modernity.  The pictures are taken by the Polish photographer, Mateusz Stankiewicz.   LOCATION:  Los Angeles MODELS: Georgia May Jagger, Jerry Hall, Lizzy Jagger PHOTOGRAPHER: Mateusz Stankiewicz DIRECTOR AND CAMERAMAN:  Bart Pogoda PHOTOS AND VIDEO BACKSTAGE: Rea Severain STYLIST: KARIN SMEDS MAKE-UP: Wilson HAIRSTYLES: Daniel Martin PRODUCTION: Warsaw Creatives More information may be obtained from: Agata Krajewska PR Coordinator, RESERVED mobile: +48 571 448 303   141122_Re_Jaggers_1992_cmyk_logo (Medium) 141122_Re_Jaggers_0481_cmyk_logo (Medium) 141122_Re_Jaggers_0550_cmyk (Medium) 141122_Re_Jaggers_0792_cmyk_logo (Medium) 141122_Re_Jaggers_1188_cmyk_logo (Medium) 141122_Re_Jaggers_2891_cmyk_logo (Medium)