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LPP S.A. Press room In three months they covered almost 60,000 kilometers for two charity organizations: Stowarzyszenie SIEMACHA and Fundacja Rodzinny Gdańsk

In three months they covered almost 60,000 kilometers for two charity organizations: Stowarzyszenie SIEMACHA and Fundacja Rodzinny Gdańsk


In three months, 135 LPP employees covered almost 60,000 kilometers, raising PLN 39,000 for kids from children’s homes in Gdansk and Krakow, Poland. This is the next edition of the LPP Team for Kids action, in which the company’s employees use their passion for sports to help those in need. Every kilometer they ran or cycled was converted into money, which the LPP Foundation donated to kids in the care of Fundacja Rodzinny Gdańsk and Stowarzyszenie SIEMACHA.

For nearly three years, employees of the Polish clothing company have been active members of the LPP Team of cycling fans, runners and other enthusiasts of sports. This year, they have once again supported the charity campaign “LPP Team For Kids”, which transforms their passion for sports into helping those in need. Anyone who joined the profile of the LPP Team group created in the STRAVA app could participate in the campaign, converting kilometers covered by the members of the group into money.

– The involvement of our employees in the LPP Team for Kids campaign is good energy that we do not intend to retain; instead we want to support and stimulate it. As a Polish clothing company, we do not want to isolate ourselves from human values or from our environment. We want to create added value for our neighbors. It is not without reason that our pro-social initiatives have taken the form of regular support for various organisations. This approach has been embedded in the DNA of our company from the very beginning. – says Sławomir Łoboda, Vice President of the LPP Board of Directors and Chairman of the LPP Foundation Council.

From the beginning of August to the end of October, employees covered thousands of kilometers. The rate per kilometer was PLN 0.5 for cycling and PLN 2 for running. The employees of Reserved Kids, who organized a charity event during their integration trip, also contributed to the sum that we managed to collect in action. They managed to collect over PLN 1,600. Each 1.5 km they ran meant 10 zlotys for this purpose. The total value of kilometers covered by LPP employees amounted to PLN 39,000. The LPP Foundation donated the money to two charity organizations: Fundacja Rodzinny Gdańsk and Stowarzyszenie SIEMACHA from Krakow. The funds, shared proportionally between the organizations, will be major help for the kids under their care. Both organizations provide assistance to children in a difficult life situation and support their development.

– The creative potential of LPP employees is growing every year. An example is this year’s LPP Team for Kids campaign, in which every kilometer was powered by good energy to fulfill the dreams of our kids. For us, it is not only financial help but also a good example for our pupils, which shows them that passion and determination enable us to undertake new challenges and achieve our goals. – Rafał Tomaszewski, Director of Fundacja Rodzinny Gdańsk. The foundations have decided to use the money donated to them to develop the passion for sports in children. – We are grateful to everyone involved in the project. Thanks to such people, our kids learn to pursue their goals both in sport and in life. The meeting organized with the LPP volunteers, crowning the entire campaign, was an inspiring experience for our children, during which we also had the opportunity to learn about the world of LPP “from within”. – Maria Radwan-Królikowska, coordinator of the residential children’s homes in Stowarzyszenie SIEMACHA.

LPP, a Polish clothing company, has been involved in helping those in need for over 20 years. The LPP Foundation was established in late 2017, It continues the company’s long-standing tradition of charity work and supports charitable initiatives among the employees. The Foundation focuses in particular on supporting the local community in Małopolska and Pomerania regions, where the company’s offices and headquarters are located.


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