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LPP S.A. Press room Kinga Sawczuk and Antonina Flak in a magical Cropp campaign

Kinga Sawczuk and Antonina Flak in a magical Cropp campaign


The new campaign by Cropp has been launched under the slogan: Magic. We have it. The campaign features two top Polish influencers – Kinga Sawczuk @kompleksiaraxx and Antonina Flak @samosiaa_yt.

Once strongly identified with the so-called “girl on a skateboard”, today it opens up to the new. Cropp – as it’s all about that brand – wants to emphasise the changes that have taken place not only in its image but also in its offer. Therefore, it encourages the customers to rediscover the brand.

Cropp. We have it.

The new campaign aims to show the public that Cropp offers more than it may seem. The brand wants to make every girl, regardless of her style, feel confident in its collections. No two people are alike and diversity is exactly the thing that drives the company to act. The stars of the campaign are Kinga Sawczuk (@kompleksiaraxx) and Antonina Flak (@samosiaa_yt) – GenZ influencers known for the creativity they show every day on TikTok. Each of them is unique, each of them expresses herself in a different way and can find something for herself in the new collections of Cropp.

Trends. We have it.

Despite visible changes, Cropp remains faithful to its values and does not give up its unique character. The brand follows trends but interprets them in its own way.

Stylish checks and mesmerising prints. Expressive green and chocolate brown. Quilted shapes and knitted materials. Wide legs and mini skirts. All of these elements make up the latest collection. The collection is complemented by a range of accessories: from high boots, through statement jewellery, to leather belts adding character to the looks.

Magic. We have it.

Diversity. Creativity. Modernity. These are the values that are strongly rooted in the DNA of Cropp and the brand refers to them in the presented campaign. The collection is promoted by a photo shoot and a video featuring influencers. It is set in a magical atmosphere that transports the audience into another dimension. An abstract set design combined with a vivid pink colour emphasises the trend patterns and contrasts with the presented collection, while special effects make the campaign unique.

Trends. Fashion. Powerful prints. Inspiration. Balance. Courage. Fun. Confidence. This and much, much more is what you will find in Cropp. Rediscover it.


Art Director – Bartłomiej Stefanowicz
Production – Paulina Pytel, Tomasz Stefunko
Photo – Katarzyna Tur, Katarzyna Solecka
Video – Łukasz Pałczyński
Styling – Ekaterina Vasileva
Hair & Makeup – Agnieszka Włodarczyk
Project Management – Ewa Wieczorek, Kinga Sala, Artur Próchnicki


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