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LPP S.A. Press room LPP has already provided 100,000 protective masks

LPP has already provided 100,000 protective masks


LPP has already donated 100,000 protective masks as part of its support action for hospitals. The first batch went to 40 health care centres. The aid is no longer directed only to institutions from Pomerania and Małopolska, but also reaches other regions in the country. In total, those in need will receive protective masks worth over a million zlotys.

– The situation is very dynamic. Every day, we receive further requests for support. We are trying to react both to the individual needs of hospitals and particular hospital wards – says Patrycja Zbytniewska, President of the LPP Foundation – In fact, we originally planned to direct support to facilities located in Pomerania and Małopolska. Nevertheless, we are trying to respond to the changing circumstances, and with time the number of requests from institutions from outside these regions is growing, so every day we are expanding the scope of our action – adds Patrycja Zbytniewska.

The company has already helped 40 institutions in this way, including, among others, isolation-only hospitals, isolation hospitals and other health care centres requesting help, such as medical emergency services, medical care centres, foundations or care organisations. More masks from China have also been sent on an ongoing basis to wards outside Pomerania or Małopolska. For several days now, they have been sent to units all over Poland, among others in Grudziądz, Wrocław, Białystok, Łódź or Lower Silesia.

In addition, LPP employees have initiated an internal action consisting in sewing protective cotton masks in the offices in Gdańsk, Kraków and Warsaw. Employees have already sewn more than 2500 protective masks which have been distributed to medical facilities and social organizations. Taking into account the dynamically growing needs, the initiative has been extended to include further actions. In recent days, protective aprons have been sewn according to the prototype prepared by LPP employees and patterns made by MODERN Grażyna Tyrakowska. These protective equipment will be donated to Professor Tadeusz Bilikiewicz Voivodship Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk. The next batches will be successively handed over by the company to the requesting institutions.

– The need for help is enormous. Every day, we receive new transports of masks to our warehouse, which we immediately try to distribute further to the hospitals. We know that in the current situation every amount of them is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, we are trying to make sure that as many institutions as possible can benefit from this help – comments the President of the LPP Foundation.


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