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LPP joins the Polish Plastics Pact


LPP is now part of the Polish Plastics Pact established on 10 September 2020. For the Gdańsk-based company, this is yet another step on the way to implementing the sustainable development strategy. Last year, as the only Polish company, it joined the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment initiated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, with which the Polish Plastics Pact will now also cooperate as part of the global Plastics Pact network.

The Polish Plastics Pact is a cross-sectoral platform for cooperation between companies and industry and non-governmental organisations within the framework of “the 17 Goals Campaign”, bringing together participants in the plastics packaging value chain . It comprises 12 companies: from packaging manufacturers, through companies introducing packaged products to the market and retail chains, to recyclers and recovery organisations. The forgoing entities are accompanied by a group of institutions – industry and non-governmental organisations, as well as those operating in the scientific area. The members of the initiative strive to change the current model of using artificial raw materials in packaging on the Polish market towards a closed circuit economy. The group of signatories would not be complete without LPP which is consistently changing its processes towards sustainable development in its daily operations. One of the steps to bring the company closer to this goal was to join the international New Plastics Economy Global Commitment initiated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in cooperation with the UN already last year. Today – by joining the Polish Plastics Pact – LPP is deepening its commitment to reasonable management of plastics and the elimination of plastic waste at local level.

– We welcome the creation of a national initiative to close the loop on plastics. We believe that the Polish Plastics Pact will contribute to stimulating sustainable development on the domestic market. We are aware of the importance of support and knowledge sharing in this process. Thanks to the know-how and standards developed as part of the activities of an international organisation, Polish companies will be able to join the global fight against the problem of plastic waste – says Anna Miazga, Sustainability Expert, LPP.

Being aware of the environmental impact of overproduction of plastics, the participants of the Polish Plastics Pact want to achieve six strategic goals by 2025, starting from identification and then elimination of excessive and problematic packaging through redesigning, innovations and alternative delivery models. The emphasis on the process of recovery of plastic packaging, including effective support for the system of its collection and processing, is to help increase the level of packaging recycling on the Polish market to min. 55% and the share of secondary raw materials in these packaging to 25%. With their actions, the members of the Pact will also intend to reduce the use of primary plastics in packaging placed on the market by 30%, and by 2025, 100% of plastic packaging on the Polish market is to be re-usable or recyclable. An equally important element in the fight for a new model of plastic circulation will be to improve the quality and effectiveness of consumer education in the areas of segregation, recycling, reuse and reduction of packaging use. The tool for verifying the works of the Pact will be an annual report on the progress of the implementation of the goals. The announcement of the first report, covering the effects of work for 2020, is planned for the second quarter of 2021.

Acting at the local level, the Polish Plastics Pact steps in the fight against the global crisis by joining the global Plastics Pact network initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation which fights for reasonable and pro-environmental management of the plastics circuit and implementation of commitments in this respect. As emphasised by Małgorzata Greszta, Managing Partner of CSR Consulting, the initiator of the “17 Goals Campaign”, ambitious goals set by individual entities would be impossible to achieve, however, acting together as the Polish Plastics Pact and involving other companies, institutions and administration, we can bring about real changes in Poland and worldwide.

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