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LPP S.A. Press room Open hearts and wardrobes for Ukraine

Open hearts and wardrobes for Ukraine


For the third time, LPP has been involved in collecting clothes for people in need, initiated by WoshWosh. As part of the “Open Hearts – Open Wardrobes” campaign, together with our customers and employees, we collected almost 40 thousand pairs of shoes and clothes, which will go to people in war-stricken Ukraine.

Since the first days of the war, the Polish clothing manufacturer actively joined in the activities supporting the people affected by the armed conflict across our eastern border. It has provided in-kind and financial assistance to Ukrainian employees and their families, as well as to the LPP Foundation’s social partners offering help to refugees.

– Despite the numerous aid initiatives that we that we launched at the outbreak of war, we could not imagine not joining the “Open Hearts – Open Wardrobes” campaign. The Zero Waste idea that underpins it fits perfectly with the LPP strategy. Taking care of the environment and helping people in need are the drivers of our activity, hence our company’s comprehensive commitment to helping the people affected by warfare – says Małgorzata Chrzanowska-Rokacz, coordinator of the action on behalf of LPP.

WoshWosh has been collecting clothes for the people in need for many years now – in winter for the homeless, and in spring for women and families. So far, over 50 thousand pairs of shoes have been donated, with LPP employees also contributing by donating 800 pairs.

The March edition of the action conducted by WoshWosh, the third one in which LPP has participated, was special because it was aimed at helping Ukraine. For the first time, the company was the main partner of the project and for a fortnight it was collecting clothes that will be given to people in need through Caritas Poland and other aid organisations. In total, over 128 thousand pairs of shoes and clothes were donated, of which LPP provided almost a third.

– For the first time, we got our customers involved in the campaign by encouraging them to bring their clothes to 48 stores participating in the ECO AWARE programme and equipped with appropriate containers for collecting clothes. Three brands from our portfolio – Reserved, Mohito and House – took part in the campaign. As usual, our headquarters’ employees also actively joined the initiative – adds Małgorzata Chrzanowska-Rokacz.

When the action was announced, we focused on the most needed items of clothing, i.e. winter and spring jackets and coats, fleeces and sweatshirts, dresses, trousers, sportswear, new underwear, clothes for babies and young children.

The result of the collection action was surprising in terms of the number of donated clothes, but also in terms of their quality. Only 8% of the collected items were not repairable and could not be passed on.

Participation in the action is a continuation of the help that LPP has been providing to people affected by the war in Ukraine. The company has allocated PLN 20m to this end, which goes to the social partners of the LPP Foundation in the form of financial and in-kind support. The partners include the Gdańsk Foundation, the Polish Centre for International Aid Foundation, the Malopolska and Pomeranian branches of the Polish Red Cross or centres providing shelter to refugees. Assistance has also been provided to humanitarian convoys, company employees from Ukraine and their families. From the very beginning, there has been no lack of involvement on the part of LPP employees, who – through numerous grassroot initiatives – have been working for the benefit of people affected by the war.


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