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Reserved Unisex SS21


The spring edition of the Reserved Unisex collection makes one want to share elements of the wardrobe with others. Follow #couplegoals hashtag on Instagram to see more ideas for wearing the same or similar items of clothing. Unisex styles can be worn not only by couples, but also by mother and daughter, father and son, sister and brother. It’s a great opportunity to get closer to each other, to get to know the other person’s tastes, preferences, and values. And in doing so – to discover that everyone looks great in their own unique way.

Reserved Unisex SS21 is the spring-summer continuation of the AW20 collection, full of functional and practical solutions with the use of waterproof fabrics, reversible styles with detachable elements and the 3-in-1 patent. In addition, Reserved Unisex pieces offer plenty of large pockets, ready to accommodate whatever you need to have to hand on a daily basis.

Reserved designers worked on popular styles such as the shacket with an elongated line and rounded bottom, culottes with a shorter and wider leg and deep pockets, or tracksuits – this time with a much wider cuff – all made from organic cotton. The frequently changing weather was an inspiration to create rainproof styles, but also those that can be worn inside out to get another, completely different piece of clothing. The 3-in-1 concept, on the other hand, means one product offering wear possibilities of two items as a set or each worn separately. There is also a base in the form of oversized t-shirts and slightly smaller tops, but with a higher stand-up collar.

The issue of the difference between the female and male silhouettes has been solved by giving most pieces casual cuts. It also depends on the styling. The waist of the trousers allows them to be worn high at the waist, but also lower on the hips, with the crotch slightly dropped. In the sleeves, an additional button will make it possible to reduce the circumference of the cuff, and where necessary, comfortable elasticated bands and straps will help you adjust the clothes to your needs.

This collection is full of contrasts, juxtaposing natural materials with raw weaves with technical fabrics. The colour palette is based on the beige and green gradations often seen this season. An additional effect of diversity is given by light and dark colour blocks within one style. Some of the raw materials have been used in unusual ways, e.g. the cardigan is made of linen, while the tracksuit set with shorts is made of nylon with a mesh lining, so that the shorts can be used as swimming trunks. There is a combination of natural linen, organic cotton denim, TENCEL™ Lyocell (a cellulose biodegradable fibre mainly derived from eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed forests to ensure their reforestation), organic cotton and SORONA® DUPONT (a biodegradable polymer fibre from renewable sources, made from 37% corn sugar), largely in line with EcoAware assumptions.

Among the many unisex accessories, there is a large black rucksack made of extremely durable Cordura, which is fit to carry a lot, as well as universal slides in sizes 36 to 45, available in two colours.

Casual style takes on a new dimension, with a cool silhouette and multifunctional solutions taking centre stage. Regardless of the sex. Although we are all different, everyone has a different body shape, height or size, we are all equal.

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