LPP is a socially responsible, Polish family business.

We are Polish company involved in the design, production and distribution of clothing. Our sales network currently covers all of Poland and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and the Middle East. We offer to the millions of our customers visiting our salons and online shops, clothing, accessories and shoes of five popular brands – Reserved, House, Cropp, Mohito and Sinsay.

In Poland, the concepts of our brands were born and here all the strategic decisions are made. We create our entire collection in our country. Here we pay taxes, here the majority of the shareholders live. Our social responsibility lies in the development of business in an ethical manner. More specifically, today we control our supply chain and care for the environment. We continue to create new places of work (today in Poland there are approximately 17,000 people), we support the development of our staff and business partners. Today we think of LPP as a family company. Why? Because it was created by Polish entrepreneurs – Marek Piechocki and Jerzy Lubianiec. Our development is possible thanks to native capital and our determination to maintain the status quo. We put the good of the company and the people working there first place, not short-term profits.

Today, the most important element of competitive advantage of economically strong countries is creativity. This added value determines the attractiveness of a product and is the driving force behind purchases. For example, the American iPhone is produced outside the USA, but as much as 2/3 of comes from, among others, the design, the brand, the iOS platform and the appearance of iStore. The same is true of the collections of our brands – 65% we create in our country. We implement this Polish creative idea all over the world. Not only collections are created here – in Poland – by our capable designers, but also a new generation salons, such as those in Berlin and London, entirely designed and built by our national partners.

Every season our designers, graphic artists and technicians prepare collections of LPP brands, taking into account the latest global fashion trends. The philosophy of LPP is local thinking and global action. Therefore, when building our business, we adapt the offer of each brand to customers’ preferences in different countries.

We do not have our own production plants – we outsource the production of our collections, just like our global competitors, to outside companies in Poland and also to other countries of Europe and Asia. We invest in expanding our sales network in countries where our brands are already known and in new, prospective markets. Currently, we primarily focus on strengthening the recognition of our flagship brand, Reserved, in Europe.

At the same time, we invest in modern sales channels and their mutual integration, i.e. an omnichannel. Soon our online shops will operate on all markets in which we have our stationary network. We are aware of the significance of e-commerce in the clothing industry and we see the enormous potential for further development. Thanks to significant investment, our online sales are growing at a rate of 100 percent per year.

While implementing our strategy at the same time we make sure our development is stable and sustainable as well as consistent with the principles of socially responsible business.