LPP SA ensures that its information policy is effective and transparent. The status of a listed company, as well as the Company’s position on the market, determine active measures undertaken in order to meet the information needs, according to the highest market standards and regulations in force.

The priority objective of the information policy pursued by LPP is to:

  • Comply with the key principle of ensuring simultaneous and equal access to information for all market participants.
  • Meet reporting obligations in a manner that allows to accurately evaluate the Company’s shares on the capital market and adopt rational investment decisions by its participants.
  • Provide stakeholders of LPP true, accurate and timely information about the Company.
  • Conduct effective communication with the capital market and the media.
  • Build trust and understanding for actions taken by LPP.
  • Increase investor interest.

The scope of the information published by the Company is governed by:

  • Regulations for companies listed on the WSE regulated market (including Market Abuse Regulation of 3 July 2016 and to the extent of applicable provisions of Polish legal acts).
  • The Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies.
  • Events that historically affect the valuation of the Company’s shares identified by LPP based on, in particular, the analysis of the LPP share price, the analysis of the current practice of the Company and other entities in the industry in complying with reporting obligations, in particular as regards price-setting information, assessment of market participants’ expectations, especially guidelines od ESMA and Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), as well as the analysis of the impact of economic events on the Company’s financial results.

Rules for communicating information:

  • LPP meets reporting obligations based on the internal policy of LPP.
  • In the period immediately preceding the publication of interim results, LPP applies the principle of limited communication, i.e. it refrains from proactive organisation of meetings, abstains from giving interviews and uses only the financial results previously shared publicly.

Basic information published by the Company includes, among other:

  • Quarterly, semi-annual and annual results in the form of periodic reports.
  • Preliminary results – interim reports are published within the deadlines set by the generally applicable rules. At the same time, due to the fact that financial performance is one of the main categories of price-setting information, in order to meet the demand of immediacy in reporting and to reduce potential risks associated with the creation of asymmetries in access to information, LPP, without waiting for the publication of its interim report, publishes preliminary selected financial and operational data immediately after their aggregation into a form that allows to evaluate their approximation to the final results and limited risk of significant deviation.
  • Information on revenues and margins. Regularly, on the first day of the month, the Company provides information on monthly revenues generated by LPP SA Capital Group, estimated gross margin on sales, and the size of retail space.
  • Other key confidential information such as, among other:
  • – Entering new markets,
  • – Significant agreements including loan agreement,
  • – Changes in the structure of the Company’s management,
  • – Changes in the shareholding.
  • In addition, LPP will monitor the disclosure of other sensitive information affecting the valuation of the Company’s shares of the operational, financial, proprietary, corporate, legal or macroeconomic nature.
  • Events related to transactions in securities of the Company. In this regard, LPP, as a rule, remains a carrier of information received from the persons obligated to provide information and the related persons/entities.
  • Corporate events, such as:
  • – AGM,
  • – Dividend,
  • – Other events pursuant to the Regulation on current and periodic information.
  • The publication of reports containing confidential information takes place immediately after receiving information or the occurrence of an event giving rise to the obligation, whereas the publication of information required by the Regulation takes place by the deadline stipulated by law.

In order to communicate with the market LPP applies tools such as:

  • ESPI (Electronic Data Transfer System) – to provide current and interim reports to meet its reporting obligations.
  • EIB (Electronic Information Database) – to provide reports on the application of corporate governance.
  • Bilingual, current Investor Relations service at the Company’s corporate website: // where the Company provides all relevant information, such as: strategy, shareholders, governing bodies, current and historical quotations of the share price, current and periodic reports, calendar, presentations and other analysis materials.
  • Quarterly summary conferences for analysts and investors with the possibility to attend a long-distance meeting (also in English version) and recordings of the conference on the Investor Relations service at the Company’s website and the company’s You Tube channel.
  • Meetings between representatives of the Management Board and Investor Relations as needed, also at the Company’s headquarters, allowing analysts and investors to have a closer look at the Company.
  • Teleconference of the representatives of the Management Board with analysts and investors, including from abroad.
  • Current email correspondence through a specially dedicated mail box The Company endeavours to reply to the questions immediately upon their receipt.
  • Investor presentations prepared on a quarterly basis and other materials for analysts, investors and the financial media such as Factbook, Factsheet, Equity Story, available in the Investor Relations service at the Company’s website.
  • Video comments of the Management Board’s representative on the Company’s quarterly results, posted on the Investor Relations service at the Company’s website and the company’s You Tube channel.
  • Organisation of events dedicated to analysts, investors, the media, such as Investor Days, open days in the Company Showroom related to the introduction of a new brand/collection.
  • General Meeting of Shareholders of LPP – open communication with shareholders by providing answers and explanations at the AGM.
  • Quarterly meetings with representatives of the media, press conferences.
  • Information and press materials available on the corporate website.


  • LPP ensures that information on its results is provided to all stakeholders, including capital market participants, effectively, regularly and in a timely manner.
  • In the Investor Relations service, the Company presents calendar with information about the dates of publication of interim reports, conferences presenting results, dates of general meetings of shareholders, and dates of the most important corporate events in a given financial year.

Information policy, in the structure of LPP, is implemented and coordinated by:

  • Representative of the Management Board of LPP,
  • Investor Relations Department (in terms of communication with investors and analysts),
  • Corporate Communications and Sustainable Development Department (in terms of communication with the media).