For many years, we have been cooperating with arts universities, offering students practical knowledge on the clothing design process.

We have cooperated with the most important arts universities in Poland – since 2015, we have been carrying out an educational project. So far, we have cooperated with Fine Arts Academies in Gdańsk and Cracow, and the works of the best participants of the Fashion Starter project were seen in our shop windows by thousands of clients. For us, sharing knowledge and educating future employees of our industry is both our mission and a great investment. Fashion Starter is a cyclical programme addressed to students, with an underlying idea of initiating dialogue between art and business.

Our aim is to prepare young designers to enter the market and to show them the realities of creating fashion in a global clothing company. Therefore, we invite young designers to the world in which they plan to develop their future career path, sharing with them the knowledge we have gained for years ourselves when preparing collections for millions of clients purchasing our brand products.

In the 1st edition of the programme, students of the Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk were given the challenge to adapt their own artistic visions, that is the so-called abstract silhouettes, to the requirements of a commercial collection. In autumn 2016, we showed their works in the shop windows of Reserved stores in the largest Polish cities.

students and graduates took part in the Fashion Starter programme

The 2nd edition of the project was carried out in cooperation with students of the Clothing Design Studio operating at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow. The lead theme of the workshop was materials made of natural fibres – flax and hemp undergoing different finishing processes, which were used for creating a unique collection displayed in the shop windows of Mohito stores in spring 2017.


The project’s outcome was the creation of abstract silhouettes made of non-standard materials and a collection of retail models. Works created by the participants of the Fashion Starter project could be seen in the shop windows of Reserved stores in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw and Cracow in autumn 2016.

A display in a shopping centre is the closure of the designing process; the comparison of two designs (abstract and commercial) makes it possible to picture differences between an artistic vision full of creative freedom and retail designs governed by specific rules.