Every year our designers create thousands of designs in line with the latest fashion trends because we are passionate people who listen to the needs of their customers. It is for them that we exist and create

LPP, a Polish clothing manufacturer, manages five recognisable brands: Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp, and Sinsay. Each of them is directed to a different group of customers representing a different lifestyle, having a different way of expressing themselves and different needs. We created all brands with a view to helping others express their emotions and fulfill their dreams through the way they look.

LPP SA – Marki – Reserved – logo Reserved is a brand whose collections reflect the latest trends, combining classic designs with original and hot fashion propositions. It draws inspiration from the multiculturalism of the great metropolises of Europe and America, but also from the everyday urban realities of Tokyo or Seoul. The brand’s offer includes women’s, men’s and children’s lines. The collections also include unisex clothing and a wide range of maternity wear. Reserved offers diverse collections reflecting the latest trends, minimalist collections and premium of excellent quality. In creating the collections, the brand puts a lot of effort into testing new solutions in the field of sustainable fashion and successively increases the share of eco-friendly models from Eco Aware line in its collections.
LPP SA – Marki – Cropp – Logo Cropp is a streetwear fashion brand that makes it easier for the customers to create their own style offering women’s and men’s collections, complemented by a wide range of accessories and shoes. The brand helps to express emotions and push the boundaries. It draws inspiration from contemporary culture and music, creatively mixing them in designs incorporating the latest catwalk trends. During the design process, the brand designers focus on cooperation with visual artists, illustrators and graffiti artists from all over the world. The brand has been supporting cultural events related to street art for years.
LPP SA – Marki – House – Logo House combines the latest trends with street style. It focuses on casual look, offering bold combinations and statement accessories. The brand’s customers are people young at heart and in spirit who don’t take themselves too seriously, appreciate a carefree attitude and enjoy life to the fullest. In its collections, House refers to art, pop culture and social media trends, drawing inspiration from the style of a bustling big-city street. It encourages to play with fashion and consciously shape one's image.
LPP SA – Marki – Mohito – Logo Mohito is addressed to women who love fashion and appreciate original urban elegance. They are self-confident, aware of their strengths and able to express them through their own unique style. The brand offers clothes and accessories in a full range of energetic colours and patterns that emphasize femininity regardless of the place and situation. Mohito seeks inspiration in culture and reacts to current events, draws from the streets of major fashion capitals and catwalks during fashion weeks.
LPP SA – Marki – Sinsay – Logo Sinsay responds to the needs of its customers by offering the latest trends at attractive prices. The diversity of our collection allows makes it possible to put together trendy outfits for every occasion. We design lines that are a source of every day inspirations for teenagers and young women, as well as men who prefer a casual urban style. The brand also offers comfortable and functional garments for mums and cute products and accessories for children. Sinsay’s offer is complemented by home décor items, as well as make-up and skincare line.