Every year our designers create thousands of designs in line with the latest fashion trends because we are passionate people who listen to the needs of their customers. It is for them that we exist and create

LPP, a Polish clothing manufacturer, manages five recognisable brands: Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp, and Sinsay. Each of them is directed to a different group of customers representing a different lifestyle, having a different way of expressing themselves and different needs. We created all brands with a view to helping others express their emotions and fulfill their dreams through the way they look.

LPP SA – Marki – Reserved – logo Reserved is the flagship brand of LPP, with collections reflecting the latest fashion trends. It quickly responds to the needs of customers who are offered new models in stores every week. The world of fashion has no limits for Reserved: the brand draws inspiration from both the great world of catwalks and alternative, bold proposals of fashion influencers. That is why the Reserved collection combines the beauty of classic designs with original, fresh fashion proposals for a given season for women, men and children.www.reserved.com
LPP SA – Marki – Cropp – Logo CROPP is a streetwear brand, which fits into the urban space and broadly understood urban lifestyle. It is aimed at young rebels, girls and boys immersed in urban culture, who live their own way, and the clothes serve to emphasise their individual style. The brand's collections show vivid influences of pop and hip-hop culture, including inspirations from graffiti, street art, urban sports and music. Cropp cooperates with illustrators and graffiti artists from all over the world to design the collections. It also supports cultural events related to street art.
LPP SA – Marki – House – Logo House is an optimistic fashion brand addressed to women and men - students and young adults. House stores will be the perfect place for everyone who wants to look good on a daily basis and in tune with latest trends. House offers both casual propositions for every occasion, as well as the latest fashion trends, which House designers look for in social media, on the catwalks and on the streets. The brand also focuses on non-obvious and interesting styling.www.housebrand.com
LPP SA – Marki – Mohito – Logo Mohito brand is focused on customers who love fashion and appreciate original urban elegance. Mohito designers create collections for women who are self-confident, aware of their strengths, allowing for a bit of ease and nonchalance with a stylish vibe. Mohito emphasizes femininity and offers an energetic look in line with the global fashion trends. The brand is a perfect choice in a business environment, at work, during special meetings or after-hours outings.
LPP SA – Marki – Sinsay – Logo Sinsay is a brand for loud, cheeky and expressive girls, who boldly follow the latest trends. Thanks to Sinsay projects young girls can play with fashion, emphasising their original personality. The unquestionable advantage of the brand is a low price point, allowing teenagers to buy their dream T-shirts, jeans or fashionable accessories. Sinsay girls draw inspiration from the internet.www.sinsay.com