LPP’s contribution to the Polish economy – Taxes

Fiscal year 2018


The 2018 fiscal year is another year in a row in which our contributions to the state budget exceeded the previous year’s figures – this time by over PLN 100,000 th. We are proud to support our national economy on an increasing scale.

The growing contribution to the national budget is possible, among other things, thanks to the ever increasing recognition of our brands abroad. The business model, in which we promote Polish know-how by, among other things, selling collections designed in Poland also outside Poland, has been working out well. It is thanks to exports and payment of taxes in Poland, among other things, that LPP contributes to Polish economic growth.

Below we present data that show our contribution to the state budget in 2018. The table below shows the total amount, but also the amount of revenue arising from individual obligations.

Taxes paid to the state budget in 2018

Fiscal year2018
Corporate Income Tax – CIT149,611
CFC tax on foreign controlled entities10,598
Tax on retail sales PSDN/A
Customs duty131,232
Personal Income Tax – PIT20,275
The State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON)696
ZUS total70,570
Real estate tax3,791
Tax on means of transport3
Total [PLN thousand]1,000,094

Data analysis

In the 2018 fiscal year, we paid a total of over PLN 1 bn (PLN 1,000,094 th) into the state budget on account of various levies and taxes. As regards CIT alone, LPP paid over PLN 149 m. Thanks to this amount, we were recognised among the top 30 taxpayers of this tax in the list of the Ministry of Finance. Over PLN 613 m was contributed as VAT and over PLN 131 m as customs duties.

Taxes relating to employment, such as employee’s and employer’s social security contributions and health care contributions were also a significant item – they totalled PLN 70 m. This is over PLN 10 m more than a year before, because in 2017, in connection with these obligations, the Company paid over PLN 60 m to the state budget.

Taxes paid to the state budget in 2018 (in PLN thousand)

Taxes paid by LPP SA in 2018 - VAT, CIT, CFC, PSD, Customs, PIT, PFRON, ZUS, real estate, means of transport