LPP’s contribution to the Polish economy – Taxes

Fiscal year 2019


Year after year, an increase in our tax revenues has been observed. This is a result of, among other things, the Company’s long-term development strategy not only in Poland, but also internationally. Despite the increasing recognition of our brands on foreign markets, LPP pays taxes in Poland.

In 2019, we devoted a lot of energy to expanding our sales network – not only the traditional one, but also the online one. We made our debut with our stores on two new markets and now our products are available in 38 countries, both stationary and online.

In the countries where our collections are available, we observe increasing competition as well as growing customer expectations. We are very pleased that despite the dynamic changes on the market, our brands generate revenue which translates into a concrete contribution to the Polish economy. By paying taxes in our country, LPP supports it in real terms.

Below we present a summary of data showing the individual inflows to the state budget on our part. The table shows the amounts relating to the 2019 financial year (calculated from 01.2019 to 01.2020).

Taxes paid to the state budget in 2019

Fiscal year01.2019/01.2020
Corporate Income Tax – CIT107,893
CFC tax on foreign controlled entities26,138
Tax on retail sales PSDN/A
Customs duty239,961
Personal Income Tax – PIT24,459
The State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON)945
ZUS total88,925
Real estate tax4,578
Tax on means of transport4
Total [PLN thousand]1,097,657

Data analysis

In the 2019 fiscal year (calculated until January 2020), as regards the amount of various levies and, most of all, taxes LPP contributed to the state budget over PLN 1 bn (PLN 1,097,657 th). This is a record result in the history of the company.

The largest item is VAT, under which we paid PLN 605 m. Our CIT amounted to almost PLN 107 m, and almost PLN 240 m was transferred from our company to the state budget in customs duties. Another important item is the Employee Social Security Contributions [ZUS], to which we have allocated almost PLN 89 m. LPP paid the property tax in the amount of over PLN 4.5 m.

Taxes paid to the state budget in 2019 (in PLN thousand)

Taxes paid by LPP SA in 2019 - VAT, CIT, CFC, PSD, Customs, PIT, PFRON, ZUS, real estate, means of transport